Marc Hatfield
Fire Chief

14730 Reaume Parkway
Southgate, Michigan 48195
Phone: (734) 258-3080

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Fire Department


The primary responsibility of the Southgate Fire Department is to respond to and mitigate emergencies by limiting the effects of fire, natural disaster, medical and hazardous material incidents. This is accomplished through the use of emergency preparedness plans, fire prevention and code enforcement, public education, hazardous materials response teams, and other specialized programs.

The department’s primary effort is to provide effective fire suppression, ALS level emergency medical service, and hazard mitigation efforts within four minutes to any emergency scene in our City.

The department maintains one fire station, staffed with professional firefighter/paramedics, staffing two fire engines, one ladder truck and two rescue vehicles. The Fire Department consists of 26 fire suppression positions and two administrative positions. The department responds to approximately 5300 emergency calls annually.  2019 brought several large accomplishments to the fire department.  The department was able to restore the Fire Marshal position, and began providing ALS first response to the citizens.  


Marc Hatfield
Fire Chief
(734) 258-3070

Jeff Niemann
Fire Marshal
(734) 258-3071

Patty Fultz
Administrative Assistant
(734) 258-3072

Suppression Duty Crew
(734) 258-3080

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Car Seat Safety Inspections: Please contact the suppression duty crew for an appointment as we only have a limited amount of installers.

Tours: Please contact the suppression duty crew to schedule a tour request.

Permitting, Inspections, and Re-occupancies: Please contact the Fire Marshal.