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Animal Control Officer 734-246-1328 Click here for webpage  
Assessor's Office 734-258-3007 Click here for webpage  
Deputy City Assessor - Esther Graves
Housing Rehabilitation - Barbara Michael   734-759-0463    
Building Department 734-258-3030 Click here for webpage  
Building Director - Tim Leach  
City Administrator   Click here for webpage  
Dan Marsh  

    Click here for webpage  
City Clerk's Office 734-258-3015  
City Clerk  - Janice Ferencz  
Deputy City Clerk - Michelle Kessler  734-258-3014  
City Council    Click here for webpage  
Zoey Kuspa - President 734-307-5709  
Mark Farrah 313-802-2896  
Karen George 734-281-3491  
Bill Colovos 734-282-2900  
Dale Zamecki 734-285-5894  
Phillip Rauch 734-558-9779  
Christian Graziani 734-934-5943  
Downtown Development Authority 734-258-7770 Click here for webpage  
Director - Open      
Department of Public Service 734-258-3075 Click here for webpage  
Director - Kevin Anderson  
28th District Court 734-258-3068  
Judge Elisabeth Mullins       
Finance Department  734-258-3020    
Asst. City Admin/Finance Director - David Angileri  
Deputy Finance Director - Darcie Cheney  
Fire Station  734-258-3080  Click here for webpage  
Fire Chief - Marc Hatfield   
  734-324-4438 (Dispatch)    
Golf Course - Southwinds  734-258-3004 Click here for webpage  
Jeremie Lopez  
Historical House  734-258-7430    
Library 734-258-3002 Click here for webpage  
Librarian - Donald Priest  
Mayor's Office 734-258-3022 Click here for webpage  
Administrative Assistant - Laura Walsh  
Mayor Joseph Kuspa  
Police Department  734-258-3060  Click here for webpage  
Director of Public Safety - Joe Marsh       
Police Chief - Mark Mydlarz      
Ordinance Officer - Randall Coleman 734-258-3036  
  734-324-4438 (Dispatch)    
Parks & Recreation Department  734-258-3035 Click here for webpage  
Director - Julie Goddard 734-258-3032  
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Senior Center 734-258-3066 Click here for webpage  
Director - Diane Grabowski  734-258-3303  
Treasurer's Office  734-258-3012 Click here for webpage  
City Treasurer - Christopher P. Rollet  
Deputy City Treasurer - Susan Blanton  
Water Billing 734-258-3074 Click here for webpage  

City Engineers   Click here for webpage  
Hennessey Engineers 734-759-1600  
City Attorney       
Ed Zelenak  313-386-6400