Caryn Hojnicki
Recreation Program Coordinator

Ian Kinder

Live Safe Academy
Live Safe Academy

Sunday, November 13th 
Ages: 9+

Kids, would you like to learn pet first aid and be a certified Pet Sitter? Increase your competitive edge by being more valuable to families with pets and kids. Increase your market by being certified to watch pets or kids. Learn to care for the pets in your own family. Have fun and help keep animals safe. This is an add on class for students who participate in the Certified Babysitter/CPR/First Aid course on the same day (students of a previous Live Safe Academy Certified Babysitter/CPR/First Aid course can become a certified pet sitter by taking a live virtual class). This program will begin after the babysitter safety class ends. Class should be concluded by 3 PM to 4 PM, depending on when the babysitter safety course is completed. Stuffed animal with realistic features to practice skills and extra snacks are optional, but not required. For more information please visit:

COST: $15