The Department of Information Technology, also known as "DoIT" is responsible for all things technology within the City of Southgate. 

DoIT utilizes several technology-based systems to maintain or improve city operations and productivity. While providing innovative solutions and support to any/all technical issues.

The DoIT is passionate in its efforts to support the City of Southgate's technical needs. They take pride in providing a high-quality level of technical support to enable the city departments to provide a greater level of services to the citizens of the City of Southgate. We do this with cost-effective strategic planning and the use of collective resources. 

DoIT is responsible for all things technology. From computer hardware and software to the network and server infrastructure, to telecommunications, and beyond. The Director of I.T. is responsible for strategic business analysis of the technology used within each department. While ensuring that we are compliant with our state and federal partners. He serves as the technical project manager on all projects for the city, as some sort of technology may be involved. 

The DoIT for the city of Southgate has adopted an electronic waste program (also known as e-waste). We work with a state-approved and compliant vendor for the proper destruction and disposal of our electronic data.

Monday - Friday
7am - 4pm*
** Hours are flexible due to public safety departments must always be available. DoIT may come in at all different times in order to properly support the city operations.**

Southgate Police Department
ATTN: IT Dept.
14710 Reaume Pkwy
Southgate, MI 48195

The DoIT does not entertain any sales pitches or business partnerships. Especially in person or via phone. Any in-person visit without first scheduling an appointment with the Director of DoIT will be turned away. 
If a company wishes to provide their business opportunity, they must email the DoIT inbox at: ITPARTNERS At Southgate MI Dot Gov. 
(The email is not listed as "normal" due to spam bots)

**November 2022**