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Assessor's Office

Instructions to Drop Off Paperwork:
  1. DROP BOX:  Put the originals and copies in an envelope addressed to the Assessor's Office. Place in drop box located to the right of the entrance doors of City Hall.
  2. MAIL:  Assessor's Office, 14400 Dix-Toledo Road, Southgate, MI 48195
  3. FAX:  (734) 281-6670
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The Assessing Department has the responsibility of preparing the assessment and tax rolls for the City for all property that is not exempt. The State of Michigan Constitution requires that property be assessed at 50% of true cash value. Proposal A was a constitutional amendment passed in 1994 that placed additional limits on the values used to calculate property taxes. Beginning in 1995, property taxes were calculated by levying the millage on the taxable value, rather than the state equalized value.

The taxable value is the lesser of the capped value and the state equalized value. The capped value is calculated by taking the previous years taxable value, subtracting any losses from demolition, then multiplying by the inflation rate or 5%, whichever is less, then adding any value for new construction. The inflation rate for 2022 is 3.3%.

Notice of assessment changes are mailed annually at the end of February. This is a notice of assessed value, taxable value and homestead status. Property owners can appeal their assessed value to the March Board of Review by appointment only.

Personal Property Statements are due on February 20 to the local jurisdiction in which the personal property is located on tax day (December 31).
Personal Property Forms

The State Tax Commission adopted new personal property multiplier tables for the valuation of personal property in the State of Michigan starting with the 2000 Assessment Roll. In order to learn more about the procedures to value personal property in the State of Michigan, please read the State Tax Commission’s Bulletin 12 of 1999, along with other bulletins, at the Michigan Department of Treasury website.

The form must be completed properly. Failure to return a Personal Property Statement or returning an uncompleted statement will cause our Department to estimate the assessment on your personal property and possibly audit your account. Also, failure to file this form by its due date will jeopardize your appeal rights with the State Tax Commission and/or Michigan Tax Tribunal.

As a rule of thumb, the person who completes your income tax statements should be able to prepare the Personal Property Statement for your business.

2021 Winter tax notices will be mailed the first week of December.   These taxes are due February 14, 2022. If you did not receive a bill, you may contact the Treasurer's Office at 734.258.3012.


2022 Hardship Application (Due March 21, 2022) 
Disabled Veteran's Exemption (Due March 21, 2022)
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